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In the holy City of Light, many street dogs, cows, monkeys, and donkeys experience injury and illness. Others suffer from animal cruelty. With no government animal hospitals to help, too many suffer and die. We are their lifeline. Everyday we answer calls to help animals who are sick or injured and provide life saving care.

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67,000 ways Animal Birth Control and Rabies vaccination help

Thousands of beautiful Pariah (Desi) dogs live on the streets of Varanasi! The tradition of caring for community dogs dates back thousands of years in India. But, sadly, in our modern times, sickness, injury, and starvation kill most when they are just puppies. While we aim to rescue as many as possible, prevention is key to reducing suffering.

How many street dogs can one female dog (and her puppies) produce in 6 years? 67,000!

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Help us reach our goal of Animal Birth Control for 500 dogs per month. Donate $13, now!

For just $13, you can sponsor a needy street dog to get Animal Birth Control and Rabies vaccination. This one act will save 67,000 pups from being born into a life of suffering.

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Just $13 will provide Animal Birth Control and Rabies vaccination to a needy dog. Help us reach our goal to help 500 dogs each month.


Volunteer at our clinic, foster a pup waiting for adoption, or join our community volunteers trained to provide care to street dogs and other animals.

Not in Varanasi? You can still volunteer to help marketing, grant writing, and more.


Adopt, don't shop! We have many sweet, intelligent, beautiful dogs who are waiting for their forever home! Your new best friend is just waiting for you. Adopt today!

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Is there a sick or injured animal or sights of animal cruelty in Varanasi? Contact our rescue team now!

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